We are thrilled to share the fantastic success our dancers achieved at the recent “Spring Has Sprung” Feis, hosted by the Dancing on Eire School of Irish Dance in Worcester, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, March 3rd. 

We’re beaming with pride as several of our dancers clinched top honors, including our 2 Hand Ceili group securing an impressive 2nd place. We had 8 dancers from the Fitzgerald School attend and every single one of our dancers placed at this Feis from Beginner level up to Prizewinner/Champion level! 

Most of the dancers who competed were from Rince Tuatha Nua, aka RTN organization.

Beginner Results:

Ben: 1st in Reel & 4th in Light Jig

Charlotte: 3rd in Single Jig
4th in Light Jig
5th in Reel

Erin: 1st in Light Jig & 4th in Reel

Zoe: 1st in Single Jig & Slip Jig
2nd in Reel & Treble Jig
3rd in Light Jig

Intermediate Results:

Abigail: 2nd in Slip Jig & Single Jig

Evie: 3rd in Light Jig & Slip Jig
3rd in Hornpipe
4th in Treble Jig

Novice Results:

Gillian: 2nd in Reel & 2 Hand Reel
3rd in Slip Jig
4th in Single Jig

Prizewinner/Champion Results:

Bella: 1st in Champion Set Dance
2nd in 2 Hand Ceili
2nd in Prizewinner Reel
3rd in Prizewinner Treble Jig
4th in Prizewinner Hornpipe

This remarkable accomplishment sets the tone for an exciting March, known affectionately as “March Madness” in the Irish Dance School community, especially with St. Patrick’s celebration just around the corner. 

And here’s some exciting news: We are now accepting new students, both children and adults! No previous experience is needed, and we offer classes at different levels, including private lessons. Get in touch, via our “Contact Us” form on our website, call, or email us and let’s embark on this dance journey together. 

Well done, Team Fitzgerald! 

Written by Miss Cathleen Dower, founder of The Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance

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