We recently had the privilege of sitting down with BoldJourney.com to discuss our success at The Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance. Here’s a quick summary of the piece, with a link at the bottom to read the full interview.

Cathleen Dower, the visionary director and owner of the Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance in Old Bridge, NJ, shares her inspiring journey in a recent interview. With a work ethic instilled by her parents, who both came from humble beginnings, Cathleen has cultivated resilience, drive, and exceptional communication skills. These qualities have significantly shaped her both personally and professionally.

Cathleen founded her dance school at the age of 26 and has since navigated its growth and evolution, including during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, she innovated by offering online classes and became the first U.S. certified instructor of Reel Robics, an Irish dance-inspired fitness class. Her school not only survived but thrived, expanding its offerings and doubling its student base. Cathleen emphasizes the vital role of the arts in fostering community and connection. She is currently looking to collaborate with other artists and is seeking aspiring dance teachers to expand her team. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision in the arts.

Read the full interview with Cathleen Dower to delve deeper into her remarkable story and the lessons she shares about resilience and innovation. Read the full interview here.

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