We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our talented dancers who participated in the first Feis of the year, the Jennifer Lynn “Frozen” Feis, held at the VFW Hall in Kennilworth, NJ on January 20th, 2024. 

For some of our dancers, it marked their very first time competing at a Feis, and we couldn’t be prouder of their remarkable performances. The unwavering support they showed for their fellow Fitzgerald School students truly reflects the strong sense of camaraderie within our dance community. 

Here’s a recap of the well-deserved medals our dancers brought home:


Ben: 3rd in 2 Hand Reel
Erin: 4th in Reel
Natalie N: 2nd in Single Jig
Natalie P: 3rd in Single Jig
Zoey: 2nd in Light Jig


Abbie: 2nd in Single Jig, 2nd in Treble Jig, and 3rd in Light Jig
Brianna: 1st in Reel
Evie: 1st in Light Jig and 3rd in Reel
Molly: 1st in Light Jig, 2nd in Reel, 3rd in Slip Jig, and 3rd in 2 Hand Reel


Bella: 1st in Hornpipe, 3rd in Reel and 2nd in the Champion Premiership Cup Event

A special congratulations to all our dancers who showcased their talent at the Jennifer Lynn “Frozen” Feis. We extend our gratitude to our parents for their continued support, which plays a crucial role in our success. 

As we celebrate these achievements, our eyes are set on the next competition, the Mid-Atlantic Championships in Morristown, NJ, scheduled for February 16th and 17th. Go Team Fitzgerald! Your dedication and hard work continue to inspire us all.

Written by Miss Cathleen Dower, founder of The Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance

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