We’re thrilled to share the exhilarating results from our recent adventure at the Peters’ School Feis, held at Maple Shade High School in Maple Shade, New Jersey on May 5th, 2024. Hosted by the esteemed Peters School of Irish Dance, this event coincided with the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo, infusing the competition with even more energy and excitement!

This Feis marked significant milestones for many of our dancers! Every single dancer who took part did incredibly, and we couldn’t be more proud of them! Each one showcased dedication, determination, and passion for Irish dance! We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the parents and supporters who stood by them every step of the way!

To highlight a few remarkable achievements, we want to celebrate Chelsea for participating in her first-ever Feis! Her performance was outstanding, marking the beginning of a promising journey in Irish dance! Additionally, Gillian’s debut at the Prizewinner level showcased her dedication and growth as a dancer! Bella’s remarkable performance not only secured her first place in the Prizewinner category but also propelled her into the prestigious Champion level – a remarkable achievement indeed!

We also want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Brianna, who secured her first-ever placement at the Novice level, taking home 3rd in Slip Jig. And let’s not forget Natalie, Molly, and Abigail, who dazzled with their stellar performances, each earning multiple first-place trophies and earning promotions to higher levels for the coming year. This Feis was a resounding success, and we extend our gratitude to the Peters School for hosting it and to all our incredible dancers, parents, and families for their unwavering support!

Peters Feis Results:

Beginner Results:

Erin: 4th in Light Jig & Reel

Natalie Nelson: 1st in Light Jig
2nd in Reel
5th in Slip Jig & Single Jig

Natalie Palumbo: 4th in Treble Jig
5th in Reel
6th in Single Jig & Light Jig

Zoey: 1st in Single Jig
2nd in Slip Jig
4th in Reel
5th in Light Jig

Intermediate Results:

Abigail: 1st in Single Jig
2nd in St. Patrick’s Day Set Dance
3rd in Hornpipe

Brianna: 1st in Reel
1st in Treble Jig
1st in Single Jig
2nd in St. Patrick’s Day Set
3rd in Novice Slip Jig

Evie: 3rd in Single Jig
4th in Reel
4th in Slip Jig

Molly: 1st in Slip Jig
2nd in Reel
2nd in Single Jig
2nd in St. Patrick’s Day Set
2nd in Hornpipe
4th in Treble Jig

Prizewinner/Champion Results:

Bella: 1st in Treble Jig
1st in Hornpipe
4th in Reel

Gillian: 3rd in Single Jig
3rd in Treble Jig

Exciting news awaits as it looks like 15 students will now be going to the East Coast Championships on Saturday, June 1st, which is the largest number we’ve ever brought there so far!

Well done, Team Fitzgerald! 

Written by Miss Cathleen Dower, founder of The Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance

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