Once again, the Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance was delighted to participate in the Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club’s Annual Spring Showcase, held on Sunday, April 21st at Rutgers’ University.

Seven of our talented competition dancers; Abigail, Bella, Brianna, Evie, Gillian, Molly, and Zoey took the stage alongside the Rutgers’ Irish dance troupe, creating an unforgettable experience. Zack Eickenbaum, the esteemed dance captain of the Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club, graciously extended the invitation to our school. Since September, Zack has also been an integral part of our dance community, sharing his experience and supporting Fitzgerald students with his expertise.

The Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club delivered a spirited and exhilarating performance, featuring a captivating blend of soft shoe and hard shoe dances. Their repertoire showcased both traditional pieces and contemporary choreography, including mesmerizing Ceili dances and dynamic Treble Reels.

It was indeed a remarkable day for Irish dance and culture, as the Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club showcased their talents and passion within the local community. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth and transformation of the club in the years to come, and we take immense pride in their dedication to promoting Irish culture through the art of dance. Their inclusive approach, welcoming beginners and those without prior dancing experience, is truly commendable.

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Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club

If you’re interested in learning more about the Rutgers’ Irish Dance Club or exploring the possibility of joining, connect with them on Instagram @RutgersIrishDanceClub or email them at Rutgersirishdanceclub@gmail.com

Let’s continue to celebrate and preserve the beauty of Irish dance together!

The founder of Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance 

Cathleen Dower

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