On December 3rd, 2023, our dance school hit a high note at The Daly School Feis. A big shout-out to our incredible students who gave their all on this special day – we are proud of you all, you did amazing!  

A heartfelt thank you also goes to our supportive parents—your cheers make all the difference! 

Solo Placements and Ceili Success:

Special Congratulations to Bella, who won the Premiership event for her age group in Prizewinner!

This accomplishment signifies her move up to the Champion level for these two dances, making her the first-ever Champion dancer at the Fitzgerald School! Well done Bella, we are so proud of you! 

Bella: 1st in Slip Jig
1st in Job of Journeywork Set dance
2nd in 2 Hand Reel
2nd in Single Jig
3rd in Reel
3rd in Hornpipe

Intermediate Dancers – Celebrating you all, great work!

Brianna: 1st in Light Jig, 🥈🥈two 2nd places, and 🥉 3rd place in other dances!

Gillian: 2nd in Reel
2nd in Two Hand Reel
3rd in Treble Jig

Molly & Ben: 1st in Two Hand Reel for Ceili dancing!

Molly:  2nd in Light Jig and 3rd in Slip Jig

Beginner Dancers – So proud of you, you did great!

Abby: 1st in Single Jig and 2nd in Reel

Charlotte: 2nd in Reel and 3rd in Single Jig

Leah: 2nd in Single Jig and 3rd in Treble Jig

Natalie: 2nd in Reel and 3rd in Light Jig

Zoe: 1st in Reel and 2nd in Light Jig

Congratulations to all our dancers! 

This comprehensive success showcases the remarkable dedication of our students, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. 

Well done, Team Fitzgerald! 

Written by Miss Cathleen Dower, founder of The Fitzgerald School of Irish Dance

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